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Welcome to All Ears Basset Sanctuary!

All Ears Basset Sanctuary is a basset rescue and sanctuary operating in New Mexico and Colorado. Our goal is to help the bassets of these and other states who are homeless and need human love and kindness. Too many animals are killed in shelters or puppy mills every year, including pure-bred dogs like bassets. Our goal is to save as many of these "furbabies" as we can and get them to loving "furever" homes. Our bassets come from shelters, auctions and owner relinquishments from around the country. When the economy is bad, many animals suffer; we are trying to relieve some of that pain. We do this by relying on foster homes and other volunteers to help us save these beautiful, loving hounds. Thank you for visiting us! Come back soon.
~The Staff & Volunteers, All Ears Basset Sanctuary - Basset Hound Rescue and Adoption Services

Thank you ChaseGiving!

As you may know, All Ears Basset Sanctuary was recently competing in the ChaseGiving program. On Sept. 20, they posted that All Ears had won $10,000. However, several hours later they took us off the winners list saying that it was a computer error - that we did not have the necessary votes, despite everyone's hard work.

But they have decided to give us the money!!

That will allow us to help more Bassets, since more and more need our help!
It's a wonderful celebration at All Ears Basset Sanctuary!

From the many hounds who are awaiting their furever homes, those who have come and those who have yet to come through our rescue doors:
We couldn't do it without you!

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