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Adoption Procedures

Thank you for considering the adoption of an All Ears Basset Sanctuary hound into your home and family. A successful adoption depends on both the selection of the right basset for your household, an understanding of the basset's needs and psychology, and knowledge about hound care. We cannot stress enough that hounds are not like other dogs! They are completely nose-oriented, tough-minded, independent and, in short, live in their own world. If you like the idea of a highly intelligent, strong-willed, tough, independent dog that's not all that eager to please but is loving, loyal and fun, then read on!


There are 5 steps to adopting a dog from All Ears Basset Sanctuary:


1.  Complete our adoption form and email it to: 

2.  Speak with an All Ears representative to discuss your completed application and assess which dogs might be most appropriate for your home and lifestyle. An AEBS representative will contact you following the receipt of your completed application.


3.  Have a home visit completed by an All Ears representative.


4.  Schedule an appointment to meet your dog(s) of interest.


5.  Begin a life-long love affair with your new best friend!

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