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All Ears Sancutary Dogs 

All Ears has never turned away because of medical needs. Our hope, always, is that their medical issues can be resolved and they will find their furever home and have a wonderful life.  Sadly, that doesn't always happen.  In that case they live their lives at the Sanctuary knowing only love and security.  

Here are our current sanctuary dogs and their stories.  If you want to sponsor one of these fabulous dogs, please click the donate button.

Babs sitting.jpg

Babs came to All Ears in 2019 from a local shelter.  She is such a wonderful girl, but never had any adoption offers.  Maybe it's black dog syndrome????  Sadly in January 2021 she developed IVDD, a disk issue, and while we are hoping she will regain use of her rear legs there is no guarantee.  

Cinny now and then.jpg

This is the lovely Cinnamon now and when she first arrived at All Ears in 2009.  She was returned in 2020 when her mom died and the family didn't want her.  Cinny was attacked by a group of dogs before she was adopted out and lost 70% of her intestines and her rear legs were badly injured.  But none of that stopped her love of life. 

Otis rides.jpg

Otis has had a very rough year.  He was found in a ditch in June 2020 with the worst ear infections we've ever seen.  Then in November 2020 he lost the use of his rear legs.  The woman who had originally found him couldn't manage his multiple medical issues and turned him over to rescue.  He is now our resident "grumpy old man"!

Susan small.jpg

Susan came to All Ears when she was 12, back in 2019.  Her "owner" left her at a shelter and got a new pup.  The shelter originally thought she was deaf and blind because she had been so terribly neglected.  Although she lost one eye, the sight in the other is fine and she isn't deaf.  We adopted her out once, but she made it very clear she didn't want to leave.  So we are happy to have her with us for the rest of her life.


Skoal, originally Ol' Skool, has been with us since 2019.  She was so upset in the shelter that they had her listed as a male, because she wouldn't let the examine her.  Skoal came to us blind and had one eye removed because of glaucoma and at one point in her life she had an ear amputated.  She's our one-eyed, one-eared basset girl!  New situations cause her extreme panic, so we'll never put her in one again.  

Cindy Lou Who 2019.jpg

Having been at All Ears since 2015, Who! is our longest resident.  Who! played keep-away with the wonderful people trying to rescue her for quite a while and was only caught after she was it by a car and broke a leg and her pelvis.  She healed up, but never got over her distrust of people, especially men.  But she loves and trusts her foster, so that's where she'll stay!

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