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All Ears Basset Sanctuary is celebrating our 12th Anniversary helping the basset of Newe Mexico and surround state. Our goal is to help the bassets who are homeless and need human love and kindness. Too many animals are killed in shelters or puppy mills every year. Our goal is to save as many of these "furbabies" as we can and get them to loving "furever" homes. Our bassets come from shelters, auctions and owner relinquishment's. When the economy is bad, many animals suffer; we are trying to relieve some of that pain. We do this by relying on foster homes and other volunteers to help us save these beautiful, loving "furbabies". Thank you for visiting us! Come back soon.

Elvira EP.jpg
The very lovely Elvira is looking for her furever family!!

At the young age of about 3, Elvira found herself alone in the world and then picked up and put in a kennel in a local shelter.  How her world changed in a short period of time!

Elvira is a bassamation (basset/dalmation mix) and at All Ears we love our bassamation!

Like every other bassamation we've had, Elvira has the dalmation shyness.  It's on of her charms!

Elvira loves her humans and will snuggle with them or follow them around all day  long.  She gets along with older, submissive dogs, but doesn't like younger dogs who get in her space.  She would love being an only child.

Elvira is great in the house. If her humans leave, she snuggles up on a couch or bed and snoozes until they return.  Although still a youngster, she is out of the "puppy chewing and destruction" stage.

And she is just sweetness wrapped up in a beautiful white/black fur coat.  

She is spayed, up to date on shots, heartworm negative and microchipped.  All she needs is a family to cherish her forever.

Buffy - a fabulous boy!
Buffy 2.JPG
Buffy may be one of the best boys in the world.  
For the first 11 years of his life, Buffy was the adored and loved companion of his human.  Then tragedy happened.  His human had to go into assisted living and Buffy was left with a family member.  The family member promptly brought him to the local shelter.  What they didn't know was that Buffy is chipped and his human was promptly contacted.  She was horrified by what had happened and agreed to turn him over to All Ears.
How confused he was! But after a few days in his foster home he realized that his "new" life can be just as good as his "old" life! Buffy is a senior, so he loves to spends his days snoozing by his foster's feet.  But when she is out and about in the yard his job switches to supervision!  And he takes his job very seriously.
Buffy's nickname is "Da Bounce" because when he needs to go out he will jump up and down, while making cute little noises, until the door is opened for him.  
Buffy gets along great with the other dogs in his foster home and absolutely adores humans but he really hopes to have his own human or family and not have to be one of many!

Some of our beautiful sanctuary dogs!!

Susan small.jpg


Cinny now and then.jpg


Babs sitting.jpg




Val 2019.jpg


Roscoe LC.jpg


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